Organize your recipes

Never forget how to make your favorite dishes again. Save, categorize and discover new recipes with Recipeboard.


How it works


Never forget your recipes again. Add your own or save new ones from the web.


Add tags to your recipes to easily decide what type of dish you want to make.


Share your recipes with your friends & family or discover entire new dishes from others. Check out what others are cooking.


Time to ditch your old school recipe book.

Categorize recipes

Add tags to recipes and make it easier to find those healthy dishes.

Define any tag you like and add it to one or more of your recipes. Healthy, carbs, breakfast, asian, dinner - you name it. By adding tags you can filter away all those recipes that don't match what you're looking for.

Recipeboard is an extension to your overflowing head. Index & categorize recipes so your never forget one again.


Search ingredients

Stop wasting leftover ingredients. Search is simple and powerful, as it should be.

Simply type any ingredient or recipe and search results will show up immediately. It's the perfect occasion to go through your fridge and use all those leftovers.


Discover new recipes

Get inspired and find out what others are cooking.

Visit other people's board and pin interesting recipes to your own when. Switch up the ingredients and add your own twist, but keep a link to the original recipe just in case.